Efficiently bridging language gaps for effective communication and understanding.

Consecutive interpretation

Over‑the‑Phone Interpretation

Escort/Travel Interpretation

Conference Service Interpretation

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

Simultaneous Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is a frequently employed method in situations involving one-on-one or small group interactions, aiding communication between individuals who speak different languages. During this process, one person speaks, pauses, and the interpreter conveys the message, waits for a response, and subsequently interprets the response back to the original speaker. In instances where face-to-face interactions are not feasible, we possess the necessary technology to offer consecutive interpretation remotely. Our interpreters are highly skilled professionals who excel in efficiently and professionally conveying meaning.

Over-the-phone interpretation

Our dedicated team of remote interpreters specializes in providing over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services. With our assistance, you can swiftly overcome any language barrier you encounter. While many other leading OPI companies rely on interpreters located overseas or working from home. Whether you require a primary OPI workforce or need to accommodate overflow, we can meet your needs.

By combining our over-the-phone interpretation service with other language services, we ensure that your organization's identity is fully supported. This guarantees consistent interactions with your brand, regardless of the nature of the engagement.

Escort / travel interpretation

Our services encompass escorting and interpreting for individuals seeking medical treatment abroad, tourists exploring foreign countries, and hosts accommodating visitors from other nations. This relaxed and personalized service is designed to make people, places, and cultures accessible to everyone. We offer escort interpretation for various purposes such as tours, sightseeing, traveling delegations, interviews, and aiding international visitors.

Conference service interpretation

Our Services division offers a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure the success of your global meetings, whether held in person or remotely. Our services include:

  • Professional on-site interpretation services, including simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, or escort interpretations.
  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, available both in person and via video conferencing.
  • Accommodations for the hearing-impaired, such as assistive listening devices and closed captioning for audience members.
  • Translation services for conference materials, including presentations and attendee communications.
  • Dedicated on-site coordinators and meeting planners to assist you throughout the event.
  • Localization of conference websites, mobile apps, and social media feeds.
  • Audio and video transcription services.
  • Rental of interpretation equipment.
  • Recorded interpretation and other media-based solutions for virtual conferences.

Every meeting is assigned a specialty event manager who becomes an integral part of your event planning team. Our utmost priority is to ensure the smooth execution of your meetings and the achievement of your objectives.

Video remote interpretation (VRI)

We offer cutting-edge web-based video services that empower client representatives, qualified language interpreters, and non-English-speaking customers or stakeholders to engage in voice, voice/video conference, and group collaboration sessions. Their video remote interpretation (VRI) solutions utilize advanced technology to facilitate seamless communication. These VRI solutions are compatible with various devices, ensuring flexibility and convenience. Whether using desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, individuals can establish connections from any location with an internet connection.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is commonly utilized for expansive conferences and meetings, or in scenarios where multiple languages are needed and the audience comprises individuals with diverse language needs. This method, also known as UN-style interpretation, involves interpreters working in isolated booths, listening to the speaker via headsets, and delivering translations into a microphone. The translated content is then wirelessly transmitted to headsets worn by the audience.

Delivering simultaneous conference interpretation demands a high level of expertise and training from interpreters, as well as specialized equipment, both of which we can provide. Additionally, we possess the technology to support either on-site or remote simultaneous interpretation